Toroidal Wavefrontier Δορυφορικο Κατοπτρο Dish 90cm

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Toroidal Wavefrontier Δορυφορικο Κατοπτρο Dish 90cm
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 Wavefrontier  Toroidal 90

Wavefrontier is the only satellite dish that has the capability to receive up to 16 satellites.

Wavefrontier avoids a motorized system that makes noise and takes time compared with wavefrontier, to see a channel from a different satellite. With wavefrontier it takes less than one second to see a channel from a diffrent satellite

Besides wavefrontier there are many other antennas available on the market that offer multi satellite capabilities for a limited arc range, designed based on a parabolic formula.

The limitation of these multi-beam parabolic antennas comes from its original formula. Only one LNB, which is installed at the center, is at its optimal position when employing a parabolic formula. In other words, the other LNBFs are not at their optimal position. Therefore, a customer may experience rain fade and weak signal strength on these channels coming off from these not-optimal LNBs.

On the other hand, Wavefrontier Toroidal formula makes it possible to locate all LNBs at their optimal position due to its dual reflector design of Toroidal antenna. Therefore,Wavefrontier Toroidal antenna provides the same signal strength and stable signal for all LNBs under various environments.

Wavefrontier 's main reflector measures only 96.7 cm by 108.6 cm and the sub reflector is 36.1 cm by 83.6 cm

Τιμή Μονάδος: 140.13 €
Βάρος: 10.000 kg
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