Fuba DAT 902B LTE Antenna TV κεραια τηλεορασης εξωτερικη

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Fuba DAT 902B LTE Antenna TV κεραια τηλεορασης εξωτερικη
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Βάρος: 1.200 kg
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Description Fuba antenna DAT 902 B LTE DVB-T

Do you know what TV channels you can receive free in your region?
Overview of programs DVB-T
Band, 27 Fuba antenna element DAT 902B is designed to receive DVB-T signals in the UHF band (IV-V), channels 21-60.

Suppresses band LTE.

Max.zisk to 16.5 db.
Front to back ratio to 28 db.
75 Ohm impedance.
Horizontal and vertical installation possible.
Bracket for pipe diameter 25-60 mm.
Of connector F.
Weight 1.6 kg.
Length 1000 mm, width 500 mm.

Quality craftsmanship.

* Antenna polarization (suitable for installation):

- Horizontal
- Vertical

* The polarization plane is the signal, distinguish horizontal (horizontal) and vertical (vertical).
What does this mean in practice? If the signal from the DVB-T transmitters distributed in the horizontal polarization, it is necessary to install also the receiving antenna horizontally polarized. If the signal from the transmitter distributed with vertical polarization, then the receiving antenna, we install it with vertical polarization.

Τιμή Μονάδος: 28.83 €
Βάρος: 1.200 kg
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